Emilie [diligent worker] Lauren [guarded by God]

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

[New Adventures]

I am excited to announce the newest adventure in my life.


What an amazing opportunity the Lord has called me into for this upcoming summer. Africa has been on my heart for several years now. Jesus planted a seed in my heart while I was still in High School. I have waited patiently for him to open the door and I tell you with genuine joy that he has.
            This summer I will be an intern for Show Mercy International in Uganda, Africa. Being an intern will encompass several different things. Show Mercy International’s mission is to mobilize, inspire and empower individuals all over the world to live life on purpose while reaching out in love. They do this by providing homes and schooling for orphaned, abandoned children, educating villages about clean water, reaching out to villages and providing medical care. As an intern I will get to take part in all of these things, as well as help support the short term mission teams that come in through out the summer.
            Recently Show Mercy built a medical clinic for the villages that surround the Field of Dreams (the missionary base). The clinic will serve the people, and help save hundreds of lives from curable sicknesses. As an intern I will get to help serve here. I am so excited to gain experience in the medical field, while in the midst of my pursuit to become a doctor and serve the Lord.
            As I embark on this adventure that the Lord is taking me on, I would like to ask you to consider supporting me. First and foremost, I would ask that you would support me with your prayers. Please pray that the Lord would be preparing me for whatever he has for me in Uganda. Secondly, as you can imagine, an internship in Uganda involves considerable expenses. I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider sponsoring me financially. The internship will cost me $2,334 plus airfare, vaccinations, travelers insurance, a visa, and general transportation costs once I get to Uganda, an estimated total expense of approximately $6000. Any amount will help and is much appreciated. You can give any tax-deductible amount online through Show Mercy at the link below. You can also send a check to me at the address below for my trip. 

If you are interested in helping me fund my trip, you can click the link below and give a tax deductible donation under my name. 


If you do not want to give online, but are interested in giving you can contact me for more information. Thank you for your support! 

In Christ's love, 


Monday, October 8, 2012



Its like God is this big teddy bear. His arms are out-stretched and he is welcoming us into his arms- to come nestle in and rest. He wants to hold us, whisper his truths of love over us and remind us of who we truly are not what we do. We make so many excuses of why we don't just simply come and receive his everlasting love. We let satan tell us we aren't good enough. We buy into the lie that we can do this on our own. God promises he will continue the work he began in us- but we are not transformed by our works, we are transformed by COMING. We are transformed by resting in our papa's arms. We are transformed by his very spirit that lives inside of us. His love goes deeper. None of the works you do will mean anything unless they come from WHO you are- a beloved child of the king. You will toil and race only to find exhaustion and frustration when you do work because you idenitity rests in it. Let the Holy Spirit empower you. Not only will he give you the energy needed- he will fill you with joy and passion as you walk out his calling. It all starts with come. Yes, this four letter word is where it all begins. Come. Come rest in your father's lap. He will not question you. He will not scold you. He will embrace you. You will feel more loved than you ever have because you are justified. You do not need to strive to be worthy of the Father's love. His son has made you worthy- you don't have to live up to anything. Just come. He is waiting with open arms for you to COME.